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The Lazy Macros Approach to Diet (Protein + #800gChallenge®)

My philosophy towards dietary changes is to implement the least amount of work to get someone towards the goals they are after. Diet “success” comes from consistency in the long-term. Implementing too many drastic changes generally means it won’t be sustainable and therefore, we won’t see (or keep) the results.… Read More »The Lazy Macros Approach to Diet (Protein + #800gChallenge®)

The #800gChallenge® At Reebok

OptimizeMe Nutrition partnered with Reebok to deliver a spring corporate wellness program at the Reebok HQ in Boston, MA. As part of the Be More Human Challenge 3.0, participants took on the #800gChallenge® in combination with a fitness challenge. Teams accumulated meters on bikes, rowers, and air runners, while working… Read More »The #800gChallenge® At Reebok