Quick Bites, #09 (Sweeteners and Additives Edition)

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
Quick Bites, #09 (Sweeteners and Additives Edition)

5 listener questions with ~5 min answers. 

This is a follow-up Q&A episode to the Artificial Sweeteners and Food Additives podcast I did back in August. I polled my email list (join at the link in bio!) for follow-up questions, and this podcast is the result. Topics include:

1. Reviewing the Acceptable Daily Intake standard of aspartame (e.g., diet coke)

2. Natural flavors in beverages

3. US vs. Europe standards

4. Cooking spray

5. Sweeteners, metabolism, cognition, and “confusion”

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Referenced Studies:

Chappell et al., 2020. Synthetic food dyes approved for use by FDA and EFSA.
Pressman et al., 2017. Food additive safety: A review of toxicologic and regulatory issues
Graph of cancer rates by country.
European study of cooking spray residue on food.


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