Nutrition for the 99 Percent

I wanted to come up with a simple, short document as a sound primer for nutrition. I’ll be the first to admit learning the physiology is fascinating, but ultimately knowing that doesn’t change the application for 99% of us. Good nutrition comes down to eating whole, unprocessed foods in appropriate quantities.

Sure, we all might live by different specifics (exact macronutrient ratios, eating time of day, types of whole foods consumed), but they are all methods of the same two principles of quality and quantity. And, the commitment to the fundamentals of quality and quantity on repeat is the challenge for nutrition. For most of us, it’s an iterative process that changes as we learn new habits and as goals and beliefs may change.

While there is no way a 2-page document can cover everyone’s needs, this was written for the otherwise healthy individual trying to understand nutrition among the cacophony of media advice. It is a good guideline for most anyone, including that active-but-non-professional-one workout-a-day-crowd. It can be a good primer to give to family, friends, and gym members. Let me know what you think and share away!

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