The 800-Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge®) on Triib

Summer is winding down and gym-goers are flocking back to their exercise routines. It’s a perfect time for a gym owner to run a nutrition challenge that focuses on diet quality to shake off that summer vacation indulgence. OptimizeMe Nutrition has partnered with the gym management software Triib to offer the 800-gram challenge (#800gChallenge™) to gyms this fall. The challenge runs from Monday, Oct 1 through Sunday, Oct 28 – well-timed before the holidays to set up sustainable eating habits.

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What is the 800-Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge™)?

Eat 800 grams, by weight, of fruits and vegetables. That’s about 6 cups and fits on a standard dinner plate. No other rules, nothing to eliminate; you can eat whatever else you want. And users pick the fruits and vegetables of their choice! It is a great metric for measuring quality in the diet. Over 35 gyms have run the 800-gram challenge (#800gChallenge™) and have reported better energy, better performance, weight loss and more! Join them.


Why Sign-up With Triib? Can’t I Run it on My Own? 

You can, but running nutrition challenges are a lot of work! From creating the promotional materials to get people to sign-up to educating members throughout the challenge to all that pesky scoring, it can take a coach 10-20 hours a week to manage well. While nutrition services are an integral part of a holistic fitness routine, running challenges can burden a staff with an already full coaching load. So why not leverage the expertise of OptimizeMe Nutrition and Triib to do most of the work? OptimizeMe Nutrition provides the promotional and educational materials, while Triib handles registration and scoring.

What Do I Get For Signing-up?

For a one-time cost of $199, gym owners get:

  • Content calendar & instructions – An overview of exactly what YOU need to do onsite.
  • All promotional materials – Sign-up social media posts (5), live webinars (2), a blog post, info flyers (2).
  • All education materials – Weekly blog post & social media post during the challenge.
  • Closed Facebook community group access – For OptimizeMe Nutrition to directly engage with your members throughout the challenge.
  • Real-time scoring and registration – Handled by the gym management software Triib (you can join the challenge even if your gym doesn’t currently use Triib).

We estimate 85% of the leg-work is done by us. Charge your members to cover your costs and efforts as well purchase challenge prizes. Create a revenue stream from a positive and healthy community event without reinventing the wheel.

Ok, I’m In!

Sign-up here.

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