The #800gChallenge® At Reebok

OptimizeMe Nutrition partnered with Reebok to deliver a spring corporate wellness program at the Reebok HQ in Boston, MA. As part of the Be More Human Challenge 3.0, participants took on the #800gChallenge® in combination with a fitness challenge. Teams accumulated meters on bikes, rowers, and air runners, while working towards that 800 grams of fruits and veggies a day to win the ultimate bragging rights (and …new gym equipment!). Over 200 employees signed up and were part of the challenge that lasted three weeks.

“The #800gChallenge® was awesome for our fitness facility and company. It allowed us to have a few huge benefits. One was that is was 100% taken care of by OptimizeMe Nutrition, where we did not have to manage the process or content. It also allowed our community to learn about food in a way that is not typical for nutrition challenges: it taught them food quality, not food restriction. As a byproduct, it allowed them to develop a healthier relationship with food.”

Austin Malleolo

General Manager of the Gym & Wellness Offerings

More than 150 gyms have executed the #800gChallenge (check out the pre-made challenge options!), and OptimizeMe Nutrition is excited to move into the corporate wellness space. Nutrition challenges can provide accountability, motivation, and friendly competition to help people make better diet choices. Further, picking a nutrition approach like the #800gChallenge® that is INCLUSIVE, encourages everyone (from the beginners to the nutrition pros) to get on board. In the context of a corporate setting, these events can further strengthen the work culture and community.

OptimizeMe Nutrition can customize corporate wellness programs to meet the needs of your company from onsite seminars to nutrition and fitness challenges to kitchen overhauls. We will tailor the program to your needs to motivate and engage employees resulting in improved health — and even increased work productivity. Contact us to learn more about offering the #800gChallenge or other programs at your company today.


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