The 800 Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge®) Powered by SugarWOD

I am excited to announce a partnership with SugarWOD to host the #800gChallenge™! This partnership combines expert plug-and-play nutrition content all while leveraging the social engagement and scoring capabilities of SugarWOD. For our beta run, we are limiting sign-ups to the first 20 gyms. 

The challenge will run May 14-June 10. Start summer off right with a simple challenge focused on quality.

What’s the #800gChallenge? It’s a method to guide healthy eating without the obsession of unsustainable and overly-strict diets. Each day, participants eat a total of 800 grams by weight of fruits and/or vegetables. Cooked, raw, frozen, canned, all fruits, all vegetables, low-carb, high-carb – doesn’t matter! It’s up to the participant. How much is 800 grams? It fits on a standard dinner plate and is about 6 cups.

That’s it! No foods are off limits, so long as the participant eats their fruits and veggies. Want all the nitty-gritty rules? See here.

By signing up, an affiliate gets:

  • Nutrition Challenge Toolkit
    • Includes template blog posts, social media posts, promotional and informational flyers, and ideas on how to personalize the challenge for your gym.
  • Live Informational Webinar
    • All participants encouraged to attend and ask questions.
  • New Weekly Educational Content
    • Blog posts on OptimizeMe Nutrition.
    • Emails to your coaching staff, personalized for your gym.
    • Coaches Notes (3+/week), as talking points to educate and engage members during class.
    • Athlete Notes (3+/week), to engage participants regarding their challenges, successes, and experience.
  • Quality Control
    • Daily point entries reviewed by OptimizeMe.
  • Real-time Leaderboarding and Fist Bumping
  • Nutrition Expertise
    • Email communication via the affiliate’s lead to OptimizeMe.
  • Technical Support (via SugarWOD)

Affiliates owners can join me (EC) and Nicole Christensen of CrossFit Roots, who ran the inaugural #800gChallenge™ in February, to learn more about how the program will work at their affiliate.

Want to register for the webinar or your affiliate for the challenge? Head on over to the SugarWOD blog for all the details. 

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